music contact international Customized Concert Tours
music contact international Customized Concert Tours
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Customized Concert Tours

Imagine a morning spent walking along the Adriatic Sea, or an afternoon performance at Florence’s magnificent Duomo. Perhaps you dream of an evening of flamenco dancing in Spain, or a morning of drinking coffee and soaking in the ambience of Old Town Square in Prague. Whatever your dream tour may be, Music Contact International can make it a reality.

Each of our concert tours is unique. Drawing on 30 years of experience, we can create a custom concert tour for your group. We’ll craft an itinerary just for you, based on destinations you’d like to visit and venues in which you’d like to perform.

We offer a wide variety of performance options to fit your ensemble’s needs. Through our extensive network of both sacred and secular venues, we coordinate worship services in historic churches, school exchanges with local students, fundraising concerts to benefit local charities, and more. We guide you to choose the ideal concert venues that match your group’s size, repertoire, experience, and interests.

We believe that the opportunity to engage with local people is a key aspect of performance travel. Your ensemble can share a meal with a local choir to complement an exchange concert together, or mingle with community audience members at a performance reception.  There is nothing more powerful than making new friends through the common love of music. Even if there there are language or cultural barriers, music breaks down walls and builds connections.

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