Our tour managers spend quite a bit of time at 35,000 feet. We are always on the lookout for ways to maximize comfort during long-haul journeys, many of them overnight. Try packing these in-flight essentials in your carry-on bag, and you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to start exploring:

A compact, reusable water bottle

  • Bring an empty, reusable water bottle, particularly one that collapses or folds. Fill it up after you pass through security, and then continue to fill it at your destination. This is an eco-friendly, space-saving way to stay hydrated without purchasing a new, disposable, plastic water bottle each time you need it. Water-bottle filling stations are becoming increasingly common in airports, hotels, and other public spaces, and many of our most common tour destinations offer potable tap water.
  • Try something like this

An external battery

  • With an external battery on-hand, you’ll never have to worry about missing a photo-op if your device runs out of battery.
  • Try something like this

Compression socks

  • Avoid swelling and aching of your feet, ankles, calves, and knees by wearing compression socks during a long-haul flight. We suggest investing in two pairs: one for your departing trip, and one for your return.
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A blanket scarf

  • A large, lightweight “blanket” scarf acts as both a clean, comfortable blanket for in-flight napping and a practical, multi-functional layer for touring.
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Portable dental care

  • Portable dental care options make it easy to quickly freshen up in airport restrooms and airplane lavatories.
  • Try mini, disposable toothbrushes, like these
  • Or, for an environmentally friendly alternative, try toothpaste tablets, like these

A pair of noise-cancelling or noise-reducing headphones

  • Relax peacefully regardless of what commotion is going on around you with a pair of noise-cancelling or noise-reducing headphones. There are numerous choices on the market, including in-ear and over-ear versions, and high-end and lower-end brands. 
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Cleansing wipes

  • Wet wipes aren’t “liquid, gel, aerosol, cream, or paste”, so they are a great way to refresh during your journey without taking up precious space in your security-friendly liquids allotment. There are a variety of choices available. Some are individually wrapped, and some are in resealable multi-packs. Some focus on specific needs, like facial cleansing or deodorizing, and others are multi-purpose.
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Breathable, antimicrobial clothing and undergarments

  • One key rule we follow is, if you check your primary bag, make sure you have a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. Ex Officio makes a high quality line of clothing layers and undergarments that are excellent to incorporate into your travel wardrobe, whether you wear pieces on the plane or carry them on board “just in case”. Made from antimicrobial, breathable, quick-drying fabric, these pieces can be quickly and easily washed in any sink and re-worn. They also come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any traveler. Check out Ex Officio’s many products here

Trixie de Lisle, Music Contact International Tour Manager