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Ellie Reid

A Miami Beach, Florida native, Ellie recently made the big life decision to move all the way to Vermont with her family. Ellie studied Political Science and Music Business at the University of Alabama where she also played Division I soccer. While the ensuing phases of Ellie’s career varied in multiple disciplines, her journey now finds her at Music Contact International, where she brings along her diverse experience in marketing and communications, along with her intrinsic creativity.

Ellie has been fortunate enough to travel the world and explore countless incredible destinations where she has continued to foster her passion for learning and growing. From spending the night in a Berber camp in the Sahara Desert to traversing 1,000km+ along the Pyrenees Mountains in a Fiat, from floating in the Dead Sea to riding in a sidecar through Morocco’s palm valleys, Ellie’s experiences have helped shaped the curious and courageous spirit that she carries with her through life and work. In addition to traveling, Ellie loves to read, listen to music, go to museums, cook, eat, and spend time with her family.