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Jodi Breckenridge

Jodi and her husband Manfred Hilker founded Music Contact International in 1987. The company grew out of their mutual love of travel and passion for fostering cultural exchange.

While growing up in New Jersey, Jodi and her family traveled extensively with her school-teacher father, who led tours for school groups. At fourteen, she spent six weeks in Greece and, at seventeen, backpacked around Europe for two months. She has been traveling ever since. While studying Art History at Barnard College in New York City, Jodi spent a semester in Salzburg, Austria, where she secured fluency in German.

When not working, Jodi enjoys raising funds for women’s issues in developing nations through The Vermont Women’s Giving Circle and being active outdoors by running, skiing or hiking.

Jodi and her husband, Manfred Hilker, met while working on a three-masted Schooner on the Baltic Sea out of Kiel, Germany. They have two children, Sidney and Lucas. Sidney is on her way to becoming a doctor and Lucas is finishing up his undergraduate studies.