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Paige Betten

Paige grew up in New England and came to Vermont for college. She began traveling and adventuring during childhood, and has fond memories of wintertime camping, hiking out west, canoe trips and dude ranches. After studying marketing and sociology, she went onto teach English in Japan and sell elephant treks in Thailand before earning a Masters degree in TESOL and moving to California to teach ESL and work in the field of international education.

In 1999, after returning to Vermont, she began working at Music Contact International and has traveled to nearly every corner of the world with choirs since that time.

Paige is Director of Sales at Music Contact International. Drawing on her background in global studies, business and hospitality, Paige works extensively on conceptualizing and developing unique concert tours in interesting places such as Cuba, Italy, South America and Asia. She’ll use her wealth of information to help you narrow down your choice of destination or choose which festival would best suit your ensemble.

Paige is well known for her boundless energy and enthusiasm: She once convinced an airline to let her fly home from abroad in the cockpit jump-seat when a plane was oversold, met Fidel Castro while on tour with a choir in Cuba, and has the ability to take personal care of a group of one hundred travelers without missing a beat.

When she isn’t working or traveling, Paige can be found rehabbing her two hundred-year-old farmhouse, gardening, hiking, cooking, and taking care of her teenagers and pets. Her current to-do list includes learning how to play guitar, install wall tile, and tango.