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Trixie Lebenzon

Trixie was born in Santa Cruz, California and grew up in coastal Maine. Early adventures with her family sparked her wanderlust and exposed her to an eclectic range of music. She sang in chorus throughout her school years.

While studying International Studies and French at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Trixie spent a year abroad in Rennes, France. Her time in Rennes allowed her to achieve fluency in French and to explore much of Europe.

As a Project Manager at Music Contact International, Trixie is full of excellent ideas and always willing to help. Her friendly, enthusiastic spirit is appreciated by the directors she works with during tour coordination and brightens any tour she manages.

She is known for having the cleanest desk in the office, where her Australian Shepherd joins her at work each day. She and her boyfriend enjoy brewing and tasting beer, cooking, spending time outdoors, and traveling during their leisure time.